Leap Motion and NOW

Leap Motion – the 3D User Interface

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The Future with Leap Motion

Leap Motion with Notebook
Leap Motion with Notebook

I saw the future for Gesture control by this little device. We all know how the Wii from Nitendo or the Kinect from Mircosoft changed the market of Games. The Leap is much smaller, much more precise and allows you to interact with computers by 3D gestures in a better and much more natural way. Read more about the little Leap Motion controller on the companies webpage.


They company put in 2012 a mindblowing video to youtube and got more than 8 million views on this.

So you may think as well that this is the 3D user interface of the future. Yes, me to.

Mouse and Keyboard

After I saw the video I like to throw away my keyboard and mouse and love to use this tool. Just with fingers in the air. Leap Motion claims its device is 200 times more accurate than anything on the market and can track your finger movements down to 1/100th of a millimeter.

Cult of Mac did a test

See here the test of the Leap Motion sensor made by Cult of Mac.

There are many other great reviews about the Leap controler. WIRED says „Leap Is the Best Gesture-Control System We’ve Ever Tested“ and as ASUS and Leap Motion joined together the Verge said „New Asus PCs will ship with Leap Motion gesture control technology – The motion control company also raised $30 million to build as many as a million new modules

My result to Leap Motion

This is a powerful new way to interact with a computer and even more, it is a much more human way to control our digital friends.

Leap Motion plus speech recognition = more human interaction

Think how powerful this device would be if you  combine this gestures from your fingers with some speech from your mouth.  It will again change the way we work and do our daily communication. The cost of around 70 to 80 Euro is fair and I guess Leap Motion will be in the mass market in a few month. This days, they shipped around 10.000 parts to developers to integrate the controller into their software.

Let my know your ideas

Please leave me your thoughts about this new tool, toy or helper…